And the award goes to…

Hey Sheeners.

We just got a link sent to us by our friend Jack who found quite an interesting article on the ESPN website which has a little section dedicated to Charlie Sheen. The page has a long list of awards that go out to different people in the NBA for everything from achievements to horrible decisions made in the NBA. The funny part (and the relative part to us at SheensOnScreen) is that the awards are celebrity awards, and one of them is the Charlie Sheen award! The actual award is titled THE CHARLIE SHEEN AWARD FOR “WORST PUSH FOR A NEW MEGA-CONTRACT and is given to Joe Johnson. The actual details of any of the awards aren’t really Sheen related so I’ll let you do your own investigation if your interested.

It honors us to have Charlie have his own award as most of the other celebrity awards go to attractive successful women leading the Hollywood scene. A few of these are awards are THE LINDSAY LOHAN AWARD FOR “OLDEST-LOOKING THING UNDER 22 YEARS OLD”, THE JENNIFER ANISTON AWARD FOR “BEST SELECTION OF COUGARS”, THE KATE HUDSON’S IMPLANTS AWARD FOR “BEST NEW ADDITION”, and my personal favorite THE RICKY MARTIN AWARD FOR “WORST-KEPT SECRET” (Yes, I did say “successful women” and yes Ricky Martin is to be included in that group. Its a joke, GET IT?!). These are just a few of the awards, so feel free to look around more on the espn page.

On a SheensOnScreen note, yes we are aware that we are going against our own code here. We know that their are not multiple Sheens, nor are any of them on screen, but this was to much of an opportunity to show how great Charlie’s success has become and how smart Charlie can really be if he sets his mind to it.  We felt it was a necessity to have it. If you disagree, I am sorry and feel free to write me hate mail, and hey maybe you’ll get the SheensOnScreen spotlight award for being the biggest weiner.

Well until next time, keep those banana peels green, and we’ll keep you informed on those Sheens.

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  1. Jarred says:

    Thank you very much for the information great post, found it on Yahoo.

  2. Jran says:

    Man, can you believe Charlie these days? He calls it winning. I call it losing.

  3. Garry Fazzio says:

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  5. Claire says:

    I guess you hear and read this a lot: Thanks, cheers

  6. Madison says:

    I like the layout of your site and I’m going to do the same thing with mine. Do you have the theme or where you get the theme from please?

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