More Sheens in the making!

We’ve got two pieces of exciting news ladies and gents! First, it’s just occurred to us at Sheens on screen that we have missed a monumental moment in this past month. Approximatively 32 days and 35 years ago was the birth of a very important person, CHARLIE SHEEN HIMSELF! Well better late then never, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE! WE LOVE YOU! Keep in mind we may not all love you in the same way your father loves you, but we love you for who you are!

Now speaking of people loving Charlie, lets move onto the second part of todays lecture. Someone else who loves Charlie very much is his daughter, who just recently got hitched; how cute. That’s great and all, but to us we want live evidence and through the help of one of our supports (Thanks Anna!) we’ve got the media we need.

A big bunch of Sheeners

Now look at that. Just a big bunch of Sheeners enjoying each others company. Well its a wonderful moment for us too. It’s funny after about 10 months of being live here at we’re starting to get attached to this goofy family. As much as I’d like to bash on them, it’s getting harder and harder to push joke after joke about this family, although they are all over the news and have become quite easy targets.

With that in mind, lets rewind a little bit just to take a look at where this all began. Charlie had his daughter (Cassandra Jade Estevez) with his at-the-time girlfriend, Paula Profit. Four years later he had a new fiancee, Kelly Preston, who he then shot in the leg “accidentally”, and within months the relationship had ended. Come on Charlie! We all know you can’t just shot your problems away (He still thinks hes in Platoon). Then 5 years later, Charlie found another women, Donna Peele, and stayed with her for a couple of months I guess. Who knows. You see what I’m getting at? Well all I’m saying is I hope Cassandra’s marriage goes a little bit better then her fathers.

Well goodluck to Cassandra on her marriage, and Charlie….your the man.

Until next time,

Look for Charlie on the big screen, and we’ll be here waiting for that Sheen.

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  6. Now there goes Charlie Sheen again. Will he ever learn or acquire assistance? Till he confesses he has a dysfunction, he is not going to transition. Any time you are brought up in the surroundings where men and women love and idolize you, people suffer a loss of a grasp on truth and believe they can do whatever they want – due to the fact people have told them that. It’s similar to a baby who receives every thing they want by crying, and as soon as they are older and out of the blue they don’t get everythng they want they begin acting out – the terrible twos. Same principal in my personal point of view.

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    Man, can you believe Charlie these days? He calls it winning. I call it losing.

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