Sheens On the Twitter Screen!

So this weeks post is prompted by YOU! I went on the SheensOnScreen twitter feed and read the mentions and direct messages that I have been getting. All I have to say is good or bad, positive or negative, its all great. Some people hate the Sheens, others love them with the bottom of the hearts. But the one thing that we have in common with the thousands that follow us on twitter or read our posts here, is the Sheens. I love the freedom of it all. The opinions, the speculation, the anger, the love…..and its all for the Sheens.

So as a little monument to all of you I have compiled a list of some of my favorite comments about us and the real Sheens.

  • @sheensonscreen charlie thanks for following me your amazing the new two and a half mens are good if you could reply to me id love it xxx
  • katelovestrees - Seriously crazy spam accounts following me – surely @sheensonscreen – ‘posting relevant Sheen information’ – isn’t for real?
  • richardchiu - Ok, ok so who’s ur fav Sheen? @sheensonscreen
  • xAraneaex - Hello @sheensonscreen! Can’t believe you’ve read my rants about how much I love Charlie sheen! Lol
  • lmnrn51 - @sheensonscreen thanks Spanky! I’m honored to give charlie hell about legacy he’s leaving for his kids! :D
  • jazzlaro -@sheensonscreen Two super talents hangin out..COOL! GUYS simmer down! Don’t want to loose great talented people like you guys . God Bless!
  • valerie2776 - why are you following me, @sheensonscreen? you are the thing i hate most
  • ericaAKAmelo - i wonder if @sheensonscreen can hook me up with charlie sheen?? can you make a girls dream come true???
  • @sheensonscreen Lifetime Michael Douglas/Robert Duvall fan..but James Franco gets my vote..awesome stuff, Sheener! Thx for sharing!
  • Maurice8th - @sheensonscreen A Charlie Sheen White Christmas? 2 lines of coke on a hooker’s back.
  • ashmoney11 - I love how @sheensonscreen is following me….I’ve been called the female Charlie Sheen before #dontknowwhy lol
  • candice360 - @sheensonscreen i got Two and a Half Men season 7!!!! including my very own Charlie Sheen shirt!
  • We also want to note that this post was originally spawned as a thank you for one of our favorite followers, candice360. Her post on twitter was definitely our favorite along with her awesome picture of her enjoying some PHRESH Sheen gear. We’ll rock on candice360, rock on. (Just try not to do coke with Charlie if brings you into a hotel room, his kids are probably next door).

    *Remember you can get your very own Sheen gear at the Sheen Shop

    Well thanks for your love, support, and even hate! As long as your talking about Sheens, WE DONT GIVE A WHOOT! Shee(n) you later!

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