A day in the life of Charlie Sheen

This guy has a pretty similar view point, to me, when it comes to Charlie Sheen, except hes a lot meaner and he doesn’t have a sweet blog solely dedicated to it (I wish that made me cooler then him, to bad it doesn’t….wakka wakka). But this guy’s pretty funny, I just think it’s funny that he makes fun of Charlie Sheen’s comedy when he’s on the same leve, if not worse, and he’s not even famous. Not to knock him, but I think I have a right to cause he IS one of our Sheen’s on screen.

We’ll thanks for dropping by, I gotz LOTZ more posts coming soon so check back often!!

4 Responses to “A day in the life of Charlie Sheen”

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  2. Genesis says:

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  4. Scarlet says:

    haha.. there are already lots of video discussing the hollywood gossip of Charlie Sheen. But what caught my attention was the host of the video.:) You’re pretty cool man! I love your presentation… you have a good sense of humor and just knows when to crack it… Keep it up! :)

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