Two and a Half Men Season Finale!

Here it is lady’s and gents. Charlie did end up filming one more episode before him and Chuck Lorre started this devastating battle. And of course Sheens On Screen has the inside scoop!! Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer did one final episode before the show called it quits. So take a look before you have any judgments about Charlie.

Here’s a comic that was found by one of our followers, thanks Jaye!

Charlie Sheen Comic

And to end the post, here are a few of my montra’s. They really help me get through the day. I printed these at poster size and hang them around my office. I think a few people are getting upset.

3 Responses to “Two and a Half Men Season Finale!”

  1. John Borges says:

    This is brilliant!! I really admire Charlie for standing up for his rights and not allowing Warner Bros or CBS to bully him around!!!! I believe in his rights to ask for more money after what they put him through and his family it is with out a doubt that I support Charlie going after everyone that is involved. I wish him luck and pray for the day he get’s to see his kids again as that was a cheap dirty excuse used by his ex-wife to gain publicity cause she was just on a trip with Charlie and she had all types of drugs and paraphernalia in her purse and sure loves to spend his money but now she doesn’t see Charlie to be fit to watch the kids and she says she is scared for his life when she just came back from the Bahamas with him and his other girlfriends (Goddess) and everything was great till the interviews that Charlie initiated and now everyone wants to point blame and that is why she is trying to take advantage of this now in the middle of everything that is going on. I still see team Sheen Winning and everyone is hating. Put your HaterBlockers On Charlie as all eyes on you!!!!! Love ya Brother hang in there team Winning!!!

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  3. But first everybody check out the little minds here. This is what is wrong with America, no sense of laughter, mealy mouth back stabbers who love to revile those who they cannot touch, couch potatoes condescending to a gentleman who addresses truth to power. What he does on his own time is his business.

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