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Two and a Half Men Season Finale!

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

Here it is lady’s and gents. Charlie did end up filming one more episode before him and Chuck Lorre started this devastating battle. And of course Sheens On Screen has the inside scoop!! Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer did one final episode before the show called it quits. So take a look before you have any judgments about Charlie.

Here’s a comic that was found by one of our followers, thanks Jaye!

Charlie Sheen Comic

And to end the post, here are a few of my montra’s. They really help me get through the day. I printed these at poster size and hang them around my office. I think a few people are getting upset.

Charlie Sheen is taking over the world.

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Well Sheeners, its insane. I can’t even begin to start to describe the amount of Charlie overload of pictures, movies and info I’m getting from users. Its amazing. I absolutely love it, of course it’d be nice to make money off of it (Donate) but I just do it for the love of Sheens. Because of this overload of content I’m gonna “try” and keep my mouth shut and just give you the good stuff.

Here are a couple of goodies, that I’ve gotten today.

This is a video interview that has happened over the last couple days. And its amazing, Charlie looks like hes been coked out of mind, and i’ll admit, hes a pretty unique guy. There’s something to be said for his passion in his own beliefs. We’ll Charlie, whatever it is your doing, as long as its not harming anyone, then continue on your insane path which you call life.

Charlie Sheen Baby Picture!

Charlie Sheen baby picture

Charlie Sheen’s new film, Boom Winning Duh, should be out sometime when he gets his mind back…sooo never.

Charlie Sheen Boom Winning

More to come ASAP!!!

A day in the life of Charlie Sheen

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

This guy has a pretty similar view point, to me, when it comes to Charlie Sheen, except hes a lot meaner and he doesn’t have a sweet blog solely dedicated to it (I wish that made me cooler then him, to bad it doesn’t….wakka wakka). But this guy’s pretty funny, I just think it’s funny that he makes fun of Charlie Sheen’s comedy when he’s on the same leve, if not worse, and he’s not even famous. Not to knock him, but I think I have a right to cause he IS one of our Sheen’s on screen.

We’ll thanks for dropping by, I gotz LOTZ more posts coming soon so check back often!!