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Sheen gets his own show, and his best friend is Jimmy Neutron!

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Over the past few months, we here at SheensOnScreen have been noticing other famous Sheen’s in the news. Over many beers, a few cups of tea, perhaps even one of those microwavable Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich’s, we’ve come to realize that with a domain of “” it’s really unfair to hold it ONLY to members of the Estevez family when in actuality there are many wonderful other Sheen’s out there that deserve our blogging attention!

With this in mind, we’ve found a new Sheen that is actually closely related to our family of Sheens! While watching TV yesterday I saw a commercial for a new show called “Planet Sheen” which is about Jimmy Neutron’s friend who gets blasted out into space accidentally when he pushes the big red button.

Our favorite planet in the whole solar system!

Now who does this sound like? Well after a few quick moments it all made sense. I looked up online and found out that, Jimmy’s friends full name is Sheen Estevez. The pieces of the puzzle had all come together. Clearly Jimmy’s friend is based off our Sheens! How exciting!? And now he’s got his own show!? This is totz awesome!

We’ll here’s a preview of the first episode of Planet Sheen. That is, if your interested in watching a cartoon show about a character whose based on Charlie in two ways, his name, and his intelligence (which is more closely related to a rock, then a human being).

I love that Charlie and Martin (I guess its hard to tell which one is responsible for this new Sheen character) are still big time enough to have a kid’s TV show character based on there family, that brings warmth to my heart, and tears to my eyes….laughing tears.

Ok, back to dog pound. Remember Sheeners:

Jimmy Neutron likes to get his groove on.