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Sheens On the Twitter Screen!

December 29th, 2010

So this weeks post is prompted by YOU! I went on the SheensOnScreen twitter feed and read the mentions and direct messages that I have been getting. All I have to say is good or bad, positive or negative, its all great. Some people hate the Sheens, others love them with the bottom of the hearts. But the one thing that we have in common with the thousands that follow us on twitter or read our posts here, is the Sheens. I love the freedom of it all. The opinions, the speculation, the anger, the love…..and its all for the Sheens.

So as a little monument to all of you I have compiled a list of some of my favorite comments about us and the real Sheens.

  • @sheensonscreen charlie thanks for following me your amazing the new two and a half mens are good if you could reply to me id love it xxx
  • katelovestrees - Seriously crazy spam accounts following me – surely @sheensonscreen – ‘posting relevant Sheen information’ – isn’t for real?
  • richardchiu - Ok, ok so who’s ur fav Sheen? @sheensonscreen
  • xAraneaex - Hello @sheensonscreen! Can’t believe you’ve read my rants about how much I love Charlie sheen! Lol
  • lmnrn51 - @sheensonscreen thanks Spanky! I’m honored to give charlie hell about legacy he’s leaving for his kids! :D
  • jazzlaro -@sheensonscreen Two super talents hangin out..COOL! GUYS simmer down! Don’t want to loose great talented people like you guys . God Bless!
  • valerie2776 - why are you following me, @sheensonscreen? you are the thing i hate most
  • ericaAKAmelo - i wonder if @sheensonscreen can hook me up with charlie sheen?? can you make a girls dream come true???
  • @sheensonscreen Lifetime Michael Douglas/Robert Duvall fan..but James Franco gets my vote..awesome stuff, Sheener! Thx for sharing!
  • Maurice8th - @sheensonscreen A Charlie Sheen White Christmas? 2 lines of coke on a hooker’s back.
  • ashmoney11 - I love how @sheensonscreen is following me….I’ve been called the female Charlie Sheen before #dontknowwhy lol
  • candice360 - @sheensonscreen i got Two and a Half Men season 7!!!! including my very own Charlie Sheen shirt!
  • We also want to note that this post was originally spawned as a thank you for one of our favorite followers, candice360. Her post on twitter was definitely our favorite along with her awesome picture of her enjoying some PHRESH Sheen gear. We’ll rock on candice360, rock on. (Just try not to do coke with Charlie if brings you into a hotel room, his kids are probably next door).

    *Remember you can get your very own Sheen gear at the Sheen Shop

    Well thanks for your love, support, and even hate! As long as your talking about Sheens, WE DONT GIVE A WHOOT! Shee(n) you later!

    Michael Douglas owns you…but Robert Duvall is having a great morning!

    December 10th, 2010

    Alright Sheeners, this is intense. Brace yourself. Because your about to get owned. Emotionally, physically, literally, astronomically, vicariously, and freakishly….owned by Michael Douglas.

    One of our fans (@NickBigHead) found a page that the NY Times posted which has 14 different actors, acting in silence. In black and white. With classical music. Now this sounds like a pretty decent setup for a dramatic scene. Believe you me, it is. But it doesn’t stop there. Not only did the director of these 14 short clips do all of the previous, but decided to get some pretty accomplished actors to bring the empty rooms (as you’ll see in the clips) to life.

    Michael Douglas contemplating letting you live.

    Now onto the reason why I’ve brought this to your attention (besides loving mini clips), one of our Sheens (Michael Douglas…who is considered a Sheen because of his amazing resemblance to our loving family) is one of these dramatic actors I’ve been writing about. Not only is he one of them, but without moving, without saying a word, he defines intensity to a T. Within these 43 seconds he has convinced you that your life is on an incomparable scale with his, or that your about to be murdered by his hit-man that is standing right behind you. Now that you’ve realized whats happened, its time to step back, take a deep breath, check and make sure you haven’t soiled yourself, because you’ve just been owned by Michael Douglas.

    Get owned by Michael Douglas

    As I went threw all of these clips, some of them impressed me more then others. A personal favorite of mine was Robert Duvall. Without going into much detail about it, he shows you what its like to be the mirror in his bathroom as he enjoys his morning ritual. Trust me, its amazing. Simply amazing.

    Here’s a list of a few of my favoriates from the site:

    The power of these actors is amazing and if you haven’t already I suggest that you check each one of these little clips out, some of these are truly amazing. See you next time Sheeners!!

    Holiday Sheen Shopping!

    December 2nd, 2010

    Well ladies and gents….its the holidays! What a wonderful time of year and what a great opportunity to show your support for the people who spend so much of their time and effort on the number one spot for Sheen comedy relief.

    The Sheens have done so much for us this year and we really owe it to them to show our support.
    Here are a few highlights of this years fun!

    If you love the Sheens (as we do, although you don’t need to love them quite as much) then here is a perfect opportunity to show your support buy using our link to purchase products on amazon. Here are a few products that we found to be GREAT holiday gifts for loved ones or even just friends!

    As we come to the end of our first year here at we wanted to thank all of you for your time and hope that with your continued support we’ll have many more years of Sheen related fun!!