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More Sheens in the making!

October 5th, 2010

We’ve got two pieces of exciting news ladies and gents! First, it’s just occurred to us at Sheens on screen that we have missed a monumental moment in this past month. Approximatively 32 days and 35 years ago was the birth of a very important person, CHARLIE SHEEN HIMSELF! Well better late then never, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE! WE LOVE YOU! Keep in mind we may not all love you in the same way your father loves you, but we love you for who you are!

Now speaking of people loving Charlie, lets move onto the second part of todays lecture. Someone else who loves Charlie very much is his daughter, who just recently got hitched; how cute. That’s great and all, but to us we want live evidence and through the help of one of our supports (Thanks Anna!) we’ve got the media we need.

A big bunch of Sheeners

Now look at that. Just a big bunch of Sheeners enjoying each others company. Well its a wonderful moment for us too. It’s funny after about 10 months of being live here at we’re starting to get attached to this goofy family. As much as I’d like to bash on them, it’s getting harder and harder to push joke after joke about this family, although they are all over the news and have become quite easy targets.

With that in mind, lets rewind a little bit just to take a look at where this all began. Charlie had his daughter (Cassandra Jade Estevez) with his at-the-time girlfriend, Paula Profit. Four years later he had a new fiancee, Kelly Preston, who he then shot in the leg “accidentally”, and within months the relationship had ended. Come on Charlie! We all know you can’t just shot your problems away (He still thinks hes in Platoon). Then 5 years later, Charlie found another women, Donna Peele, and stayed with her for a couple of months I guess. Who knows. You see what I’m getting at? Well all I’m saying is I hope Cassandra’s marriage goes a little bit better then her fathers.

Well goodluck to Cassandra on her marriage, and Charlie….your the man.

Until next time,

Look for Charlie on the big screen, and we’ll be here waiting for that Sheen.

Sheen gets his own show, and his best friend is Jimmy Neutron!

September 27th, 2010

Over the past few months, we here at SheensOnScreen have been noticing other famous Sheen’s in the news. Over many beers, a few cups of tea, perhaps even one of those microwavable Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich’s, we’ve come to realize that with a domain of “” it’s really unfair to hold it ONLY to members of the Estevez family when in actuality there are many wonderful other Sheen’s out there that deserve our blogging attention!

With this in mind, we’ve found a new Sheen that is actually closely related to our family of Sheens! While watching TV yesterday I saw a commercial for a new show called “Planet Sheen” which is about Jimmy Neutron’s friend who gets blasted out into space accidentally when he pushes the big red button.

Our favorite planet in the whole solar system!

Now who does this sound like? Well after a few quick moments it all made sense. I looked up online and found out that, Jimmy’s friends full name is Sheen Estevez. The pieces of the puzzle had all come together. Clearly Jimmy’s friend is based off our Sheens! How exciting!? And now he’s got his own show!? This is totz awesome!

We’ll here’s a preview of the first episode of Planet Sheen. That is, if your interested in watching a cartoon show about a character whose based on Charlie in two ways, his name, and his intelligence (which is more closely related to a rock, then a human being).

I love that Charlie and Martin (I guess its hard to tell which one is responsible for this new Sheen character) are still big time enough to have a kid’s TV show character based on there family, that brings warmth to my heart, and tears to my eyes….laughing tears.

Ok, back to dog pound. Remember Sheeners:

Jimmy Neutron likes to get his groove on.

Martin Sheen has a “Massive Effect” on the video game industry.

June 29th, 2010

Welcome back everyone to another advantageous adventure of SheensOnScreen! This week’s post is inspired by my roommates, because of their love of gaming and also because they are really big nerds, so thanks guys.

Well onto to the important stuff. It appears that Martin Sheen has taken on a new screen, a screen where everything we see is CGI, where people’s voice’s are the only actors needed, where dorks and nerds from around the SCI-FI world come together, where men actually find them selves being attracted to animated characters, where…wait, isn’t this also describing Avatar along with half a million other movies coming out today?

Well yes. But who cares! Martin Sheen is back on screen as the Illusive Man in Mass Effect 2. Published by Electronic Arts, it has a cast that cost the game millions, and for good reason. Here we’ve got Martin Sheen, Seth Green (as Jeff “Joker” Moreau), Carrie-Anne Moss (as Aria), and the women responsible for the most attractive CGI character in anything, ever, Yvonne Strahovski (as Miranda Lawson).

In this case we only got Martin on screen, and he’s not even REALLY on the screen, but after my two roommates beat the game 3 times between the two of them in the course of 2 weeks, I had no option other than to post this. Waking up every morning to Martin Sheen’s voice grumbling as my half-naked, white-bodied, red-headed roommate sits and stares at the screen for up to 8 hours a day, I felt it was necessary to post.

Here’s the trailer so you can get a feel for the game. And by the way it is an excellent game, I did actually sit threw most of it.

Thanks Sheeners, and remember…

Martin Sheen keeps his space-ship clean.