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User submits a “Loaded Weapon” to Sheens On Screen

February 18th, 2010

Sorry for the delay folks, but here we are! With many submissions from friends all around the globe, one that I found particularly great was this one. Submitted by our very own Anthony all the way from Austin, Massachusetts (that’s a joke, not a typo), we give you “Loaded Weapon”. It’s a spoof of many movies, but most obviously noted “Lethal Weapon”. But onto more pressing issues, in this clip we can see that now instead of just having our two youngest Sheens on screen we get a new recipe. One part Samuel L. Jackson, and two parts Sheen (obviously including Emilio as a Sheen, cause when it comes to this family they’re all one big loving bunch).

This clip provides us with much needed mullet action, which makes Emilio look and seem more ridiculous then usual, and much needed diversity. And what better black guy to have on screen other then the one actor that has been in more films than anyone else on the face of the planet, Samuel L. Jackson.

As you can see from the clip, Charlie or “Gern” is a valet who happens to know all the answers. Well let me tell you something world, of course Charlie knows the answers, its freaking Charlie Sheen, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? But watch out Charlie because you never know when Samual L. might just get “tired of all of these….” (you can figure out the rest of that ridiculously stupid quote by yourself) … annoying habits you have and smack the bejesus out of you.

Of course Emilio does his part by actually being an even creepier Mel Gibson then Mel Gibson and acting way to serious for a comedy. Well what can I say these boys really know how to play their roles. Its just amazing how these guys do it, all they have to do is be on screen and the movie is a slaphappy award winner. Although I’m not sure it won any Oscars, it sure won my heart.

Well thanks for stopping in and grabbing another slice of our Sheens On Screen pie. Hope to see you again soon!

For more of the clip from today visit this youtube link!

Michael Douglas creates

February 2nd, 2010

Facebook has now officially declared that it is “Doppelg√§nger Week”. This means that if you have ever been compared to a famous person, celebrity or anyone in the public eye now is your time to change your “Facebook Profile Pic” to that person. Well here at Sheens On Screen we decided it would be best to post our own doppelg√§nger.

Martin Sheen Doppelgänger

Martin Sheen

Michael Douglas Doppelgänger

Michael Douglas

This may come as a surprise to you, but Michael Douglas is in fact NOT a Sheen. Even though these pictures have a striking resemblance, the two are not related. For many years I thought Michael Douglas was a Sheen and was incredibly surprised when IMDB (standing for Internet Movie Database for those of you who aren’t avid Internet Go-er’s) informed me that he wasn’t. The spawning of this site is actually in part due to Michael Douglas and without him we wouldn’t even exist! With that known, the tale of our creation begins…

As the story goes, one day a bunch of buddies and I were sitting in my basement watching TV when we came across a classic film known as “Wall Street”. I stayed on the channel for a few minuets as my friends and I conversed about various topics. As I was watching the film I noticed that Charlie Sheen was on screen. This of course was nothing new, but than I also happened to notice Martin Sheen sitting in the back corner of the shot. I said to myself wow, I never realized that this father and son couple starred in the same movies together and it was even more amazing that they were both on screen at the same time! Than out of the blue Michael Douglas walks on screen. I was dumb founded. I thought it was insane that there could be three Sheens on screen at the same time(obviously mistaking Michael Douglas for a Sheen). I leaned over to my friend and asked, “How many Sheens are on screen right now?” and with a roar of laughter thrown at me the idea was clear. A website that captured moments when Sheens were on screen together! It was beautiful, it was unique, it was my destiny. Well maybe thats going a little overboard but you get the idea, right? With that in mind I jumped on the topic and within a few short weeks the site was up and running.

Well thats our story ladies and gentlemen. Hope you enjoyed this week’s Sheens On Screen history lesson, see you soon!

Mighty Ducks 4 released!

January 29th, 2010

Contrary to popular belief, the filming of a new “Mighty Ducks” film has been taking place under the nose of all Americans. ¬†The ever so popular films, directed by Stephen Herek, “The Mighty Ducks”, “D2: The Mighty Ducks” and of course “D3: The Mighty Ducks” have all been box office hits and with the release of the latest, “D4: The¬†Mightiest¬†Ducks”, we expect nothing less.

Luckily threw a leak in the underground media world, and with the help of a few George Washington’s I was able to get a hold of a preview that is still so secret that people seem to deny its very¬†existence.

Well here ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the facts and let you decide. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the reason as to why Emilio has been under the radar for so long, because to be honest with a film like this he’ll never have to work again.

In this film preview you can note motif’s that have been consistent with previous Ducks films, including the classic “Mighty Ducks” dramatic music, the weird facial expressions by any Sheen and the overall girliness of Emilio in pretty much any role. Well from one Sheen fan to another, I LOVE IT.

As you can see here this was something of utmost importance to be a leading provider in Sheen information. Here we can see two Sheens proudly working together on a project that will boost their careers to new heights and allow them to be one of the most successful families in the film making industry.

Note: Flash is required to watch the film preview